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Terms & Conditions


● Quotes are valid for 30 days.

● We cannot hold dates or provide tentative bookings. To confirm your quote and secure your date, we require an initial non-refundable payment and approval of these terms & conditions.

● It is your responsibility to review all event details, including the date, wedding venue, and quantities of items to be delivered.

Booking Confirmation
● Your booking is only confirmed upon electronic signature of our terms & conditions as well as receipt of an initial non-refundable payment (£60 for orders £200 and less / £100 for orders over £200). This payment will be deducted from your total order amount.

● This initial payment is non-refundable. It is required to secure your date as it prevents us from booking another event for this time-slot and allows us to begin purchasing materials for your event.

● Changes to your booking can be made via email. Please note these are on a best endeavours basis if the changes are requested within 2 weeks of your event.

Payment Terms
● The balance owing on your order is due 30 days prior to your event.

● We cannot deliver any items or event designs without final confirmation of payment receipt.

● Payments can be made via Bank Transfer.

Changes to Quote
● Upon accepting this quote, you are agreeing to the items and to the total value listed.

● Should you wish to make changes to the items in this quote, we require a minimum of 14 days' notice before your event date. However, please note, the final quote amount cannot be reduced by more than 10% from the original agreed-upon estimate.

● Changes to your event date and venue can only be made under the conditions listed in the “Rescheduled & Relocated Events” section.

● All changes must be made in writing to

Balloon Care Disclaimer

We cannot be held liable for balloons once they are out of our care.

We use only the highest quality balloons and materials, however, some may pop or deflate sooner than anticipated. We cannot guarantee your balloons will last once they have been delivered or picked up. Environmental factors, including weather, children, pets, different surfaces, hot or cluttered car conditions, and foliage can jeopardize the lifespan of our creations. We will replace anything we pop in transportation or during setup.

● Outdoor Installations:- Please be aware we advise all outdoor installations to be under shelter where possible. Sunlight & heat can have adverse impacts to your balloon display and will result in oxidisation (the dulling or matte effect on the colour of your balloons) and can result in your balloons popping. We cannot be held liable where this occurs.

Event Cancellations

● If you wish to cancel this agreement, it must be done in writing to at least 14 days before the event.

● Events cancelled within 14 days of the event date remain payable in full, regardless of the circumstance.

● If you cancel your event and provide more than 14 days' notice, the initial payment made remains non-refundable. However, moneys paid above and beyond the initial payment will be refunded.

● We reserve the right to cancel the contract at any time. In this instance, you are entitled to a full refund (including the initial payment).

Rescheduled & Relocated Events
● The client must advise of any change to the event venue or event date in writing to within 14 days of your event.

● We will do our best to accommodate new dates or location changes however we cannot guarantee our availability.

● If we are unavailable on your new event date, or are unable to accommodate your change of venue, the initial payment made
remains non-refundable.

● If we are available on your new event date, or able to accommodate your venue change, the initial payment made will be transferred to the new date. A new contract and quote will be drawn up taking into account the changed circumstances. (For instance, wholesale product prices fluctuate through the season, delivery and hourly wages vary depending on venue set-up requirements.)

● Upon delivery (or collection) the client assumes all responsibility and care for your balloons and designs.

Hired Pieces
● All hire items remain our property and are provided on a hire-only basis unless purchased by the customer.

● Please advise your guests that all hired items must not be removed from the venue, otherwise you will be charged the full cost of
replacement of each item not returned to us.

● Lost, broken or damaged stock on hire from us must be paid for in full, by you.

● We reserve the right to charge an additional holding fee for hire items. We also reserve the right to charge the client full replacement costs for items damaged, lost or broken.

Installations & Large-Scale Designs
● It’s the client’s responsibility to advise the venue/events manager regarding the scope of designs.

● The responsibility remains with the client to seek the required permissions from the venue to construct any hanging, suspended or other uncommon balloon installations.

● We cannot be held responsible or liable for any instances where work cannot be completed and achieved due to a lack of permission or safety at the venue.